What I Drank Wednesday – #1

Happy Wednesday people….we’re halfway to the weekend!!!!!

And in that spirit I’ve decided to introduce “What I drank Wednesdays” – a weekly recap and mini review of what i’ve been drinking each week – the good, bad, and everything in between.

So let’s get to this week…


#1. Crémant d’Alsace Arthur Metz ICE – $28.19 CAD

This particular bottle was a Christmas gift from the head winemaker at my work. She said that she asked the employee at Cask & Barrel to recommend something “super girly” for me and I would have to say that this is an accurate descriptor for this wine. This Crémant (the type of sparkling wine produced in Alsace) is a semi-sweet sparkler made from Auxxerois and Pinot blanc. It has tropical and stone fruit aromas and the palate is rich with fine bubbles and a long lasting finish. A unique quality about this bubbly is that it is meant to be served in a big wine glass over ice, meaning it’s not only great for the holidays, but it would also be amazing in the summer on a patio somewhere. I would definitely recommend this wine to anyone who is looking for a sparkler on the sweeter side of things.


#2. Cipes Brut from Summerhill Phyramid Winery – $28.64 CAD

In my opinion Summerhill is one of the Okanagan’s quintessential sparkling producers. This bottle was given to me as a gift and we enjoyed it over the holidays. The Cipes Brut is the least expensive of the sparklings from Summerhill and it is a great value at under $30! It is made in the traditional method from Riesling, Chardonnay, and Pinot blanc and has aromas of pear, apple, and citrus fruit. The palate is delightfully crisp with a nice creamy mousse. This sparkling would be the perfect start to any party and could easily be paired with whatever cheeses or crudités you happen to be serving. Also, if you do happen to make the trip up to Summerhill be sure to try (or grab a bottle) of the Cipes Blanc de Blanc – one of my favorites.


#3. Charles de Fere Cuvee Jean-Louis Blanc de Blancs Brut – $13 CAD

So I bought this wine because I needed some cheap bubbles to make Champagne Jell-O shots for New Years Eve. Using the term Champagne suuuuuper loosely here because it has a better ring to it than sparkling Jell-O shots. Anyways, it was on sale at Cask and Barrel for $12 so I thought it would do. Buuuut the Jell-O shots (pictured at the top of this post) turned out to be a complete disaster. They were extremely gelatinous (aka they required a LOT of chewing) and they tasted reminiscent of beer, you know, as opposed to the super luxurious & elegant champagne-esque treats that I had expected. But they did, at least, look kind of cute for a few minutes until the sparkly sprinkles I put on top of them melted into a weird goop that you had to shake off before you ate them. Don’t worry though – we still consumed ALL of them because we had to salvage that $7 worth of alcohol in there. Anyways, I kind of got distracted here from the actual review of this bubbly, so in short: it was okay but I would not recommend to a friend.


Ps. I promise to drink something other than sparkling next week.

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