New York

Last July while I was still attending wine school in Ontario we went for a quick weekend trip to New York City to visit a friend of ours who attends dental school at NYU. It was our first time visiting New York – so basically 3 days of “how many tourist attractions can we visit in one day without our feet falling off?” Despite our questionable walking shoe choices (there may have been a desperate midday trip to a Nike store in an attempt to find a pair of runners that didn’t make my feet feel like they were going to start bleeding) and slight hangovers from one (four) too many glasses of rosé we managed to fit a ton into our time in NYC!


Prosecco ice pops at Loopy Doopy
Prosecco ice pops from Loopy Doopy for a mere $24 USD. I brought Alex here against his will prosecco(!!)





Living life on the edge in the bicycle lane on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Living life on the edge in the bicycle lane on the Brooklyn Bridge.
The best bagels in NYC! Probably.




The Park!

Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, naturally.


Yankee Stadium
Yankee Stadium


Our flight got cancelled and we were running low on funds so after a few drinks we may have came up with the brilliant idea to have dinner at McDonalds in Times Square.
Me and a future dentist pre-mcnuggets…

Our flight back home ended up getting delayed by a full day so we actually ended up with one bonus night. Since we were running low on money by that point we may have had a few drinks before deciding that the McDonald’s at Times Square would be a fantastic meal to end our time New York. And it was. Kind of.

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