What I Drank Wednesday – #2

Today’s post is just a short one. Partly because I have a ton of things to do before taking off for Vegas tomorrow morning, and partly because on the weekend we went a concert where we drank rum…and it wasn’t small-batch-locally-produced fancy rum or anything that would warrant a review. So that really cut into my weekend wine drinking. Buuuut on Saturday my cousin and her friend were in town so I did get to open at least one good bottle this week.


Van Westen Vineyards 2013 Violeta – $34.90

I bought this wine back in the summer while wine tasting in Naramata. I hadn’t been to Van Westen Vineyards before but one of the girls I went to wine school with said it was one of her favourites. I’m glad I listened to her recommendation because I think I loved every wine I tried there. The winery was super low-key, with the wine shop being located right in the cellar. The tasting was super relaxed and enjoyable and I ended up bringing home this bottle as well as a bottle of their viognier. The Violeta is a malbec (all their wine names start with the letter V) and has a lovely nose of dark berries, violet, and a bit of pepper. The palate is juicy and bursting with blackberry, blueberry, a bit of earthiness, and black pepper on the finish. I paired it with a sautéed mushroom + sausage dish and they tasted amazing together. I would definitely buy the Violeta (or one of their other reds) again and i’m excited to see what they release next.

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